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Spiral chute
◇ Thechute structure standardization of design can satisfy different shape, weight, and dynamic friction coefficient of the goods, which can complete gm swap, improve the efficiency of design, manufacturing, currently in standardization, modularization, mold;
Universal wheel platform
Universal wheel platform can be divided into universal platform, roller ball, widely used in airport air cargo deck, which can realize the aviation container packing.The platform surface can be divided into the ball platform, universal wheel. Ball machine is able to endure at least 6800 kg per container. Flat-fell seam is not more than 3 mm ball, flat-fell seam connection and beautiful appearance.
Unpowered flexible drawing machine
◇ According to the specific conditions , adjust the workplace by stretching,then get small footprint;
Intelligent distribution system (mould networking with)
◇ The system adopts modular design, easy to tear open outfit with good scalable;
◇ Automatic/manual for a platform has flexible configuration, cell number to choose;
Transfer machine
Power transfer machine as a standard delivery unit module is mainly used for integration in express delivery parcel sorting system and most of the materials handling system, excluding special packages to suit the requirements of vertical transportation, sorting.
Roller turning machine
◇ A variety of delivery can realize 30 °, 45 °, 60 °, 90 °, 180 ° conveying;
◇ Realize high-speed transport of goods, biggest conveying speed up to 50 meters/minute, and suggest matching speed and linear equipment, generally higher than that of straight line equipment 10 to 20 m/min to prevent plugging goods;
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